Vittorio Vanacore

Vittorio Vanacore , et " Homo faber "

Vittorio Vanacore , et " Homo faber " - WOODNS



Teaching pictorial disciplines...Set its pictorial explorations, places man at the center of his aesthetic interest, the man leading the Prince of life.


Eluana - WOODNS

"Develop cultural interests, integrates them with the experiences of others experiences them on the canvas, in a whirlwind of colors that captures the attention to the varied arrangement of tones, open spaces for speculative possibilities, suggestions for the glittering focus of the themes, captures the optimal space for his images ...

Sweat and blood work

Sweat and blood work - WOODNS

...made use in his art, almost always, human figures, representing the ideal of homo faber, man the creator of reality, all this without arrogance, but with determination and resolve...



... even when renunciation of the human figure, radiating his ideas, his ideals in a balanced perspective of the magical colors, in the idea that human society based on respect for human dignity."

Andrea D'Agostino






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