Enzo Fasoli

Enzo Fasoli,The mysterious art .

Enzo Fasoli,The mysterious art . - WOODNS


Enzo Fasoli, painter and sculptor,

was born in Rome and studied painting at the art school of prof. Virduzzo, art teacher at the high school in Rome in Via Ripetta. Student then Lucanians Vespasiani, Masons and assets in the 70s from the monochrome, winning numerous awards, including the coveted Cup Faces and Voices with the work of the monastery in 1977. In the same year he was awarded the prize for the September Braccianese expression of light and shade that characterized his work, particularly suited to highlight the strong personality of the artist and the continuous search for their visions and original.

Her talent and... fame

Her talent and... fame - WOODNS

These Artistic Talent and commitment in the search for forms of expression, allowed him to enter fully into critical and Awards Committee of Voices and Faces of Rome, from which he received his first award, which had opened the way for notoriety.

Bronze , Egypt .

Bronze , Egypt . - WOODNS


"Meetings that are a bit more for artistic destiny, or perhaps because the fate puts on the same street people who speak the same language of art. Enzo Fasoli is a painter whose works, I'm not a painter and a potter, have immediately created a thought: His Art has fused sculpture and painting, creating a de facto pittoscultura."

 Arturo Saccone 


Swamp - WOODNS


"...The Art of our time is expressed in the past or reproductions of this identification is not always linear, coherent, and rarely looks to the future to describe feelings and emotions of an unknown world, full of charm and mystery.
Fasoli has walked the difficult path and succeeded through his unconscious projections to create the new, deep, enigmatic..."

 Leonardo Zonno 



My dictum: " Better to be yourself than a pale copy of someone else's ideas."


Enzo Fasoli









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