Dedicated to my "red easel."

Dedicated to my "red easel." - WOODNS

 UMBERTO BOSCOLO WOODNS  (Rovigo, March 5, 1932-Como, April 9, 2008) was an Italian painter known in Como, his adopted city, but especially in Switzerland, in the canton of Ticino, where most of his works. And 'considered as the last Master street of the twentieth century .

...Loved to portray...

...Loved to portray... - WOODNS


... Especially loved to portray the old buildings of the city, the oldest ones. Churches, villages, especially old courts. Glimpses where the weather was unrelenting past, where the color of the materials and the soft voices of the men had been softly preserved only in ruins. But he with his magic pencil, giving him life, recreating the ancient light ...

...Was never...

...Was never... - WOODNS

" It was never a real portrait. But, in contrast, art experts found his portraits, among all the works he has left us, the most sublime."

The monogram and its arcane...

The monogram and its arcane... - WOODNS

"The monogram: a small detail of the last abstract, in which he captures all the charm and mystery of this enigmatic and disturbing work."

's love..

's love.. - WOODNS


The love for the watercolor was a real stroke of lightning ...




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