Silvia Marieta

Sílvia Marieta - Lisbon, Portugal *Self-restraint

Sílvia Marieta - Lisbon, Portugal *Self-restraint - WOODNS

Silvia Marieta, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1982, at an early age showed the taste for drawing, subsequently for painting. In childhood, as any child, drew pictures, but her pictures have attracted attention from teachers, parents and friends. In adolescence at the suggestion of her mother, to her father’s birthday, she started with the implementation
of portraits from photography, and later at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, when she began drawing with living model, and yet she studied new techniques, such as techniques of ancient engraving, among others. She began to study Painting in 2001 and graduated in 2006. But before she went to the faculty, she had already ventured in oil painting, on her own, it acted, and still acting today, as a way to expression her feelings, as if it were an extension of herself. The painter has as theme of election the human figure, something she feels wonderful and simultaneously confused, that hurts and seduces, among many other characteristics. Currently the painter lives in Portugal and dedicates herself entirely to painting and drawing portraits, whether they are works of order, whether it is the result of her moments of inspiration. Has also won some awards for painting in Portugal and Spain, and has held numerous exhibitions both at national and international level.

Force , oil on canvas, 41 cm x 33 cm, 2010

Force , oil on canvas, 41 cm x 33 cm, 2010 - WOODNS

... living figures of men and animals ... in the paintings appear to us, wonderful, beautiful, equipped with perfection, and at the same time innocent ...

Something has to die - acrylic on canvas,40cm x 60cm,2011

Something has to die - acrylic on canvas,40cm x 60cm,2011 - WOODNS

...Bodies and faces ... that affect us and seduce, capable of evoking a wide variety of sensations ...

The beauty of small things-oil on canvas

The beauty of small things-oil on canvas - WOODNS

...creatures, represented by their traits and unique characteristics ... these elements, which indicate the precise emotions of the moment ...

The wait ,oil on canvas, 60 cm x 90 cm,

The wait ,oil on canvas, 60 cm x 90 cm, - WOODNS


Silvia ... devotes himself entirely to painting, drawing and its beautiful portraits.






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