Angela Bogaard

Angela Bogaard,The lady of the time

Angela Bogaard,The lady of the time - WOODNS
Angela Bogaard
" I distinguish myself of much contemporary artists by producing very varied work . I do not like to limit myself by style, subject choice or medium type. I would like to work with contains scenes from daily life they portray a ‘disturbed’ reality , in which I try to expose the soul of the concerning objects. "




Notable are the tables and the time devoted to history. From the plot where he was born a dramatic series time-line " An emphatic narrative that comes and goes from 1664to the present day. Spectacular is the great story and it is thesynthesis , which is interpreted the work. The conclusion of the present is that every human being lives his own life en is walking his own labyrinth to find the voice his own heart.

Time-line 1664

Time-line 1664 - WOODNS

Time-line 1950-2000

Time-line 1950-2000 - WOODNS

Time-line 2000-2010

Time-line 2000-2010 - WOODNS
 By F.B.W.
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