Jana Skolaudyovà

Jana Školaudyová,The illustrator of dreams

Jana Školaudyová,The illustrator of dreams - WOODNS

Jana Školaudyová

I was born in Roce1948, I'm a math teacher and vora live in the czech town of Budweis. I used to express my art, many creative techniques, such as macrame, the 'tapestry and silk painting. In 1992, I discovered the technique of encaustic painting. And now I am a member of a the free association "Jirny Bohemia", the congregation of artists who use this instrument of expression. And with it, I have held many exhibitions, both collective and personal. My main teacher is Marie Aigner of Germany. I published a book on encaustic ediun DVD. Which includes a course of this particular technique, and which also includes an explanation of the use of Powertex, another type of material. You can see my gallery at this link: http://encaustic-jana.ic.cz.  While the other information you may find on-site  www.powertex tvoreni.cz.




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