Maurizio Ganzaroli

Maurizio Ganzaroli, The futuristic nostalgia

Maurizio Ganzaroli, The futuristic nostalgia - WOODNS

Maurizio Ganzaroli,born in 1969 in the Emilia-Romagna. Painter, sculptor, poet and writer, characteristics that make him a true artist poliedrico.Un teacher engaged on several fronts. Always open to exploring new and distant horizons and their empirical testing that is found in his works that most of the time we leap forward, without constraints, in space and time, projected into the foreseeable future. Its particular characteristics, places him in no doubt aware of Contemporary futurists. His connection with poetry, raises him and makes him unique, able to donate blood and feeling cold and metallic creations to make him, the one and the forerunner of a new trend that could be called "nostalgic futurism"        

F. B.W.

Android is washed back

Android is washed back - WOODNS

In 1975, having just turned 6 years, composed a watercolor on cardboard bottom, which was bought by Giorgio De Chirico, on the occasion of the exhibition at the Palazzo dei Diamanti.

In the late '70s knows the artist Tono Zancanaro, teaches him the art of engraving on wax paper, because he sees something special in him, despite being a child in those years, Zancanaro uses often.

In those years, has the chance to meet artists such as Handy Warhol, and Salvador Dali was fascinated by their works, and again took part in an installation of Remo White, Henry knows Job, and others.

In the early eighties, the artist is devoted to experimentation, with: on the copper engravings, prints adigraph intervention with watercolor, composition containing bottles, colored sand, liquids of different densities, and objects suspended in the liquid colors and perfumes. The bottles are exposed for a few months, the local "La Folie", now no longer exists, and there are all sold.
In the same year, in December, in the window of the room painted in a special way a winter scene with horse, exploiting the transparency of polarized glass.

In the first half 'of the eighties, sings and writes songs for a new wave group, but after a little time will melt, and then returns to the testing of graphic art.

Participation in the Year 1987 exhibition of mail art organized by the Committee of the artists of Ferrara
  Group exhibition of art post.

Siren dying

Siren dying - WOODNS

In 1990 he publishes the book: THE EYES OF LOVE culture 2000 with the publishing house of Ragusa. Collection of unpublished poems that trace the artist's sense of poetic, imaginative, in 22 poems of varying lengths, but in the short space of a few pages, can define the many nuances of love, experienced or dreamed in women who give name to the verses.

Year 1990.
Participation as an extra in the film "in the name of the Sovereign People" by Luigi Magni.

Participation in some group exhibitions or amplein-air in the city of Ferrara and Codicote, in the years 1990/1991/1992.

In the 90s took part in several group exhibitions and impromptu painting, in the company of the painter Cesare Giatti.
With him was artistic exchanges of pictures, poems and stories, as well as pictorial and artistic experiences.

In those years, also experimented with sound poetry, composing some songs with keyboard and sampler, which are then recited poems ever written by the artist, who says in Italian, French, and English.
Also composed some songs sound, and adds to the sounds of keyboards, sound, objects thrown, together, yield metallic voice, etc. meows.
In 1990 he gives his own painting of an eagle seizes a bird flying above the forests, the painter Othello Ceccato, who, after a few weeks on the occasion of his exhibition on the theme "save Venice" in Codicote, in turn, gives a artist view of the lagoon.

In the years 1993 to 1999 was developed in the creation of ceramic dust masks, plastic (clay), painted on various surfaces and techniques such as expressionist, impressionist and Futurist, on paper, cardboard, linen, canvas lot, wood, plastic, glass and textile.
Having and taking cues from artists like Othello Ceccato, Tono Zancanaro, Caesar Giatti, and Giorgio De Chirico.


Butterfly - WOODNS

In 2000 the book was published: MIST OF OTHER WORLDS
Where not only wrote the seven stories that are part of it, but adds in some drawings, copies of the originals kept in a private collection, I also personally designed the cover copy of a painting in watercolor and China in the possession of the author.

In 2001 he was officially presented during the conference by the president of the literary circle 31/01/2001 Olympia Morata, Mariagrazia Mariotti.
In 2001 he presented the story: THE SEED OF THE UNIVERSE
In the series 100 WORDS FOR A STORY, in 99 words can build a science fiction novel effect, which is proposed to show the Turin Book.
In the same year he held a cultural evening with Doro association, Arianuova and Center, where he presented the story, the story and some new songs: CARLOTTA that has not yet been made public, and some poems are read the first book THE EYES ' LOVE.
In 2002, holds a conference with the title Delia Comini: READING THE FUTURE OF THE PAST.
The evening concerned the subject of various readings of the future taken by the ancient peoples, like the Etruscans, Egyptians, Babylonians and Celts. Ranging from a simple reading of the cards then, before moving to lithomancy, piromanzia, epatomanzia mantic tables and rebuilt on ancient 4000 year old signs.
During the same year he participated in some craft markets featuring sculptures of ductile material (das) and recovered material glued on compact discs and paintings, recreating real or fantastic landscapes, painted in oil and tempera on a plastic (compact discs), bookmarks designed and fragrant, and charms made of metal and semi-precious stones with ancient engravings, and unique items of jewelry.
Under the name Tantris, (derived from research on his past life) sells at flea markets, lucky charms and amulets from ancient Egyptian teachings.
In 2003, a cultural evening entitled MIST AND OTHER WORLDS
Where returns the book written in 2001, five sculptures in various materials, and four paintings on canvas.
In 2004 he held a conference entitled: TRUTH 'ON LIES AND WITCHES. Along with Delia Comini
During the evening is presented dell'armamentario also part of the witch, focusing mainly on the natural cures (now called alternatives) that already thousands of years ago were aware of the many followers of the devil then considered, such as: crystal, the herbal medicine and aromatherapy.
In 2005 he was presented a conference entitled: THE CRYSTAL AND MEDITATION
Describing not only the curative aspects of treatment, but also psychophysical aspects that can be traced back to ancient Indian philosophies that use meditation as a system of internal evolution of the individual.

In July 2006, the concert held by the group participates as a set with Atarax MARGHERITA PASETTI, in a skit performed on stage

In October 2010 he made his first short film dedicated to Halloween
In January 2011 he started making music with your computer, for his movies.

Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..."

Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..." - WOODNS

Event not to be missed! Nadia Turella and Giovanna Sacchetti, two contemporary artists whose works are inspired by various themes imbued with present are on display. Arguments and questions, of a moral and current nature that although they do not want, concern us and touch us closely in this time and in our journey. Nadia, guides us and leads us with the significant and beautiful works, through antithetical worlds. Lands in which elements like, friendship and bullying, the right to childhood and violence against women and children, the discriminating color of the skin and the beauty of the colors of mother nature and its respect are contrasted. Giovanna with her enchanting works accompanies us and guides us in her enchanted world, made up of trees and figures, defined by her as "angelic" that speak of emotions, loneliness, anger and protest against all forms of violence. His figurative missive urges us to understand that we are all one and we must live in harmony with everything, respecting other beings. So the message of both enclosed in the title of the exhibition is "Beyond" as a wish ... Because there is always hope that everything will improve. F.B.W.


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