Gian Rino Ortelli

Gian Rino Ortelli , Living painter

Gian Rino Ortelli , Living painter - WOODNS

Gian Rino


Painting as narration, as shape Painting, Painting as idea. You can find the synthesis of These three concepts of painting in the pictures of Gian Rino Ortelli. At the basis of His work we have anThat idea is never static and without an aim, but That Develops in Which Becomes a narration through the real shape. research of the narration is the leading wire joins Which works very different: from That chromatic pictures have an incredible range of stories and Represent "saint" to the recent works where light color leaves and describe Disclose bidies and souls. The first mono-cromatic pictures are under the influence of the classic revisitation by Mitoraj. If, for the sculpture, the light is a simple mean, for the paintingit it can (must) be a purpose. Narration is always the protagonist, Either in the life of sants, That in the movements of light Which folds lightens also discloses movements and souls. Narration does not allow to see impression Is that the characters have a dialoguewith spectator, to Whom They demand an emotional partecipatin in order to project in a wider participation. Narration However, like a single idea That Is not sufficient to make complete an artistic work, in the true Becomes attention for the shape and in the research of essentiality of means-? From an initial use of the full range of colors, we arrive to mono-cromatic pictures thatrepresent the extreme synthesis and the arrival point of formal research.  


The Temptation of Saint Anthony - 40x45 on wood.

The Temptation of Saint Anthony - 40x45 on wood. - WOODNS

"The research is a narrative thread that unites very different works: paintings by including an incredible range of colors and depict stories of "saints"...

Ecce homo - 115 x 132 cm, acrylic on canvas.

Ecce homo - 115 x 132 cm, acrylic on canvas. - WOODNS

... recent work where the color lets the light to tell and to uncover the bodies and souls...


The protagonist is the light that illuminates the folds and reveals the movements and the soul, which inhibits the identification of the work as a property and receiving characters...

Profound tension, burst of light

Profound tension, burst of light - WOODNS


From an initial use of the overall palette, you switch to monochrome works ... the extreme synthesis ... the culmination, of a living artist ... "





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