Catherine Désenfant

Catherine Désenfant and experimentation.

Catherine Désenfant and experimentation. - WOODNS





"I've always loved painting.


As a child during the summer, I sat under the willow tree in our garden and drew everything that I came from the soul.


So I had no doubt:

Im Licht

Im Licht - WOODNS



I studied fine arts!

But it was different, and I studied pedagogy with my degree in my pocket, I left my land and I left for Germany.

At the time, the painting became secondary ...

Du mein Engel.

Du mein Engel. - WOODNS


However, I continued to experiment.

Introducing new techniques in my art, and the use of different materials.

I drew with charcoal, I painted on walls, wood, metal, paper, in any format both large and small.


Berlin - WOODNS



Arriving in Berlin, I took painting lessons in a school of fine arts.

There, I discovered my passion for oil painting.

Today, I still like to experiment, but with time and experience, I have developed my own style.





La Loba

La Loba - WOODNS



In any case, one thing has never changed: when I'm in front of my easel, brushes scattered on the table next to me, I feel the smell of oil paint, then the world is at peace. "

Catherine Désenfant



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