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Gianantonio Marino Zago

Gianantonio Marino Zago, the Riciclantica

Gianantonio Marino Zago, the Riciclantica - WOODNS




Gianantonio Marino Zago in art, the Riciclantica. Born in Trieste, 1949. In 1957 he moved to Verona, where he still resides. Self-taught, graduated in commercial art, he began painting in the early 70's. Join group and a few even less personal. Interesting its exposure in 1996 at Hofstra University in New York with a score of oil paintings depicting views of Verona unpublished. Since 1994 he abandoned figurative painting and landscaping for an informal abstract and figurative mosaic type.
Lover of color, but without dominating the plus sign to create contrast, since 1999 Zago engages with the digital-art, having regard to its intrinsic and innate imagination and artistic versatility.
Currently devotes much time to the creation of mixed media paintings composed of recycled materials that sometimes gathers in the street. Cans, plastic pieces, phone cards, caps and whatever else the consumerism of our day turns into garbage. Zago is not limited to only assembled, but enriches them artistically, and assist spray acrylics, enamels and oils. All this in time to make his creations, as well as works of art, preserve slices of history of our time to let the meditation of posterity.

Childhood memories of Fra 'Luca

Childhood memories of Fra 'Luca - WOODNS

" Its formation was the "street", the attendance of some other artists' damned like him, such as Mario Schifano and others. Zago has assimilated the lessons of well Rauscheunbeurg Schifano, he was deeply influenced, albeit unconsciously. How can we not also think of Warhol or Manzoni, there is a part of the dear old twentieth-century imagination of this artist who have not studied the history of Art, the quotes through his feelings, his emotions "

Red passion - Plastics, metals 60 x 50 cm -2008

Red passion - Plastics, metals 60 x 50 cm -2008 - WOODNS

"  It is upsetting to the passion of a strong color, a pure red or a vivid blue that makes it drip on the canvas in a kind of "drip "....  "

Metropolis - Electronic circuit, plastic, metal 57 x 47 cm 2008

Metropolis - Electronic circuit, plastic, metal   57 x 47 cm  2008 - WOODNS

"...his attention is now directed to polymaterism, where a strong field dripping with color dominates the space of its surfaces..."


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