Tavor art mobil

TAVOR ART MOBIL, The Balentia.





By car The Balentia .


Route no. 6 with the idea of art you are looking for a walk on the beach of Maria Spissu Nilson, the goldfish Antonio Conte, the lottery winning artist FD'A Regal, artistic and operational processes aesthetics of performing media Mario Pischedda, street artist Cagliari last generation Andrea Basciu; notes the path of Helen and Philip Clari "Lippi" Ciardi, the magazine of his artistic research processes of Maximilian Stereomapo, the work denied by Flash Art and Giancarlo Politi Luca Lo Coco, Alessio Onnis and his "Sardian and mediterranean contemporany art stickers" to flaunt a Sardinian attack to contemporary art, painting photographically painted by Eric Seraphim painting timeless Massimiliano Mirabella, pizza the Santini residence of the priest, the small lies in tablets of Pluto, the vanitas narcisa Francis Cogoni (one Stay on mud), the blogger Luca Rossi and his idea of art free download, Antonio Enas and the drama of antennati, crucifixes by the media who have suffered and unable to be redeemed by the digital natives who will suffer many other, more harmful information and distortion of thought and identity, Sergio Angeli Caravaggio and his vision of the industrialist button to keep a safe distance and the section of memory Umberto Boscolo Woodns (1932-2008) much more than a street artist, an artist who shows roads.


By car to relate this research the Balentia, old school hip hop history by now Sardinian made in Mogo.



Sardinia no est italia...


Sardinia no est Italia 

Route no. 1 

Visual artistis : Alessandro Sanna, Peppe Esposito e Donato Arcella. 

Guests in the gallery furniture: 
Laura Sanna, journalist for "24 Sardinia". 

Dario Cosseddu, word activist, poet, philosopher and militant writer. 

Mimma Ferraraccio, a researcher in art education applied to a social opportunity for better life. 


Il video: 




February 12-April 14: 

Tavor Mobile Art: 

Route no.2 

Visual artists: Valeria Tola, Lalla Lussu, Marco Lavagetto, Bob Marongiu, Maurizio Cattelan-Pierpaolo Ferrari e Luciano Gerolamo Gerini. 

Critical contribution by car: Elena Tradori, political activist, Andrea Sitzia, Iglesias small business owner in times of global economic crisis and Marco Fadda, the blacksmith psicoelettronico sound. 


Tavor Art Mobil feat Ex Q di Sassari


Tavor Art Mobil feat Ex Q di Sassari:


Il video:



Artisti visivi: Stefano Melis 
Contributo critico: Enrico Lobina, l'unico consigliere comunale rosso a Cagliari. 



April 15-June 10: 

Tavor Art Mobil,


Route no.3: Next station: Obrèscida 02. 

Visual artistis: Marco Rallo, Michele Guidarini, Domenico Olivero, Luigi Ambrosio, Gianantonio Marino Zago, GEC Art, E IL TOPO, G & g-Lineadarte and Antonello Roggio. 

Critical contribution by car: the architects George Saba and Gigino Massenti and the raver Ga.Ru! 


Tavor Art Mobil feat nootempo


Tavor Art Mobil feat nootempo: 




Project by Quilo, Sa razza/Maloscantores 




Route no.4

17 June - August: Pablo Echaurren, Lele Sgambati, Emilio Rizzo, Mariano Bellarosa, Motion obscurantist, Mauro Rescigno, Dario Lanzetta, Luis, Michael Meredith and Clare Schirru.


By Car political activist Nicola Calledda, Matteo Murgia and Susanna Sanna Association Don Quixote.



Tavor Art Mobil, route n.5



Tavor Art Mobil,

route no. 5

August 26 - October Antonella Pani, Alfonso Lentini, Daniel Money, Angelo Barile, GOoD, Elisha Pau, Gianfranco Sergio, Alfonso Siracusa, NFA New Figuration anarchist, Nomad Academy (Cristina Aldrighi, Jeremiah Renzi & LUCIA Rosano), Lucilla Fish, AIR UNDERGROUND - RED, John Manunta Pastorello, Nuria Metzil.


By Car:Davide Pisu, Enrico Lobina e Vanessa Podda.



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