Michele Valenza



Michele Valenza, was born in 1950.Ha began his artistic career in 1968 He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works are in numerous public and private collections.
Carries on business in Villalba prov. Caltanissetta (Sicily) in the S. Nicola, where he lives and works.
The love of art involves him with great success in organizing exhibitions and symposiums with international artists and foreigners. In 1994 he created the monument to the farmer in MARIANOPOLI In 1999, he hosted throughout the academy of fine arts THAE GHU SOUTH KOREA. (Number 56 between teachers and students). organizes international symposia since 1996 in Sicily In 2001 he organized the international symposium FROM NEW ZEALAND IN SICILY.
It has many applications symposia all over the world but only to give two symposia each year out of his Sicily.



 "The works of Michele Valenza are worthy of careful consideration. Though I could see having only two original sculpted in wood and stone (materials for the sculpture of his land) and then having the last pages of an album, the expression that revenue is to modern art forms, but instinctively reveals its origin from a root classic Mediterranean, worthy of being evaluated for the human interest of its content and of the living presence of the hand and the intelligent choice of means expressive."                                                                                                             Francesco Carnevali

The critical

"I do not agree with those who assert that the distance of the centers of culture, be they schools, cities or nations, limits the creativity of an artist. Michele Valenza, by himself, can give excellent shapes of the stones and marble, imparting a strong erotic charge  that can be found inside. For the Master eroticism even positively affects the harmony of creation and every being is a key component of love, which sometimes becomes the same men into angels."

Alfredo Prado


"The sculpture is an art hard, difficult, that it leaves no room to bluff requires over-capacity, instinctive natural talent and spirit of sacrifice. Even harder and more difficult, however, for people like Michele Valenza is forced by existential needs to live in a closed environment at every possible expansion of its temperament: a country of the interior of Sicily Villalba in this case, a center of poverty, constriction, fatigue and servitude, to quote Carlo Levi - away from any cultural influence, where the spurs and courting meetings are rare and almost insignificant. In such an environment it is logical that the horizons shrink and the only actually easily identifiable is linked to the surrounding world, which is what farmer with his simple beliefs, widespread prejudice and dehumanizing conditions, although aimed at the more universal meanings. E 'from the specular reflection of this political reality that feeds on the inspiration of Michael Valenza for compositional rhythms of his sculptures."
Achilles Dall'Aglio


"About the Sicilian sculptor Emilio Greek, Leonardo Sciascia wrote that his vision of the world is  essentially erotic, harmony erotica.Sorgente of this harmony is, of course, the woman's body;
and she radiates in all things: form, rhythm, measure the world. Michele Valenza, Sicilian sculptor can say the same. The fundamental originality of his art lies in this agreement of harmony between oneself and the world."
Antonio Guarino.



• 1975 Morreale Public Library
• 1983 Urbino Ducal Palace
• 1984 Flower Festival in Genzano di Roma
• 1985 Rome Gallery 3
• 1986 Caltanissetta Gallery Scarantino
• 1986 Palermo Art Center Raphael
• 1987 Palermo Art Fair
• 1988 Catania Arts Club
• 1989 Caltanissetta Hotel Di Prima
• 1990 Palermo Art Fair
• 1994 Catania Arts Club
• 1994 Messina Gallery Sagittarius
• 1995 Montedoro Symposium
• 1995 Crotone Delucarte
• 1996 Monument dedicated to the rural town of Marianopoli
• 1996 Seoul (Korea) Indeco Gallery
• 1996 Agrigento Gallery Dell'Accademia
• 1997 City of Sutera Sutera
• 1997 Montedoro Symposium
• 1997 Exhibition Crotone on Silas
• 1997 Terrasini Dedicated to Pirandello
• 1998 Messina Gallery Sagittarius
• 1998 Bonn Gallery 4
• 1998 Montedoro Symposium
• 1998 Bari Exspo Contemporary Art
• 1999 Seoul (Korea) Indeco Gallery
• 1999 Montedoro Symposium (with Koreans) organized by me
• 1999 Rome sculturando
• 2000 Villalba Art in Sicily
• 2000 Florence Ducal Palace
• 2000 Palermo Art Center Raphael
• 2000 Catania Arts Club
• 2001 Wellington Sculpture Symposium Frank Kitts Park
• 2001 Porlezza (co eroticopiccante The Show
• 2001 Villalba Show The eroticopiccante
• 2001 Vallelunga 1 Symposium (dedicated grapes)
• 2001 Diamond The Show eroticopiccante (the foul kidnapped)
• 2001 International Symposium Montedoro
• 2002 St. Nicolai Liege Show at the gemellagio
Catania • 2002 On the occasion of opening of art
• 2003 Vergnacco symposium
• 2004 Caerleon (Wales)
• 2004 Nimis (Udine)
• 2004 Vilnius (Lithuania)
• 2005 Caerleon (Wales)
• 2005 Brusque (Brazil)
• 2006 Pezenas (France)
• 2007 Montedoro
• 2008 Penza (Russia)
• 2009 Changchun (China)



• 1) 1995 Montedoro Symposium
• 2) 1997 Montedoro Symposium
• 3) 1997 Croton Exhibition on Silas
• 4) 1996 Monument dedicated to the rural town of Marianopoli
• 5) 1997 Terrasini Dedicated to Pirandello
• 6) 1998 Montedoro Symposium
• 7) 1999 Montedoro Symposium (with Koreans) organized by me
• 8) 2001 Wellington Sculpture Symposium Frank Kitts Park
• 9) 2001 Vallelunga 1 Symposium (dedicated grapes)
• 10) 2001 international symposium Montedoro
• 11) 2003 Vergnacco symposium
• 12) 2004 Caerleon (Wales)
• 13) 2004 Nimis (Udine)
• 14) 2005 Vilnius (Lithuania)
• 15) 2005 Caerleon (Wales)
• 16) 2005 Brusque (Brazil)
• 17) 2006 Pezenas (France)
• 18) 2007 Montedore
• 19) 2008 Penza (Russia)
• 20) 2009 chun Chang (China)






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Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..."

Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..." - WOODNS

Event not to be missed! Nadia Turella and Giovanna Sacchetti, two contemporary artists whose works are inspired by various themes imbued with present are on display. Arguments and questions, of a moral and current nature that although they do not want, concern us and touch us closely in this time and in our journey. Nadia, guides us and leads us with the significant and beautiful works, through antithetical worlds. Lands in which elements like, friendship and bullying, the right to childhood and violence against women and children, the discriminating color of the skin and the beauty of the colors of mother nature and its respect are contrasted. Giovanna with her enchanting works accompanies us and guides us in her enchanted world, made up of trees and figures, defined by her as "angelic" that speak of emotions, loneliness, anger and protest against all forms of violence. His figurative missive urges us to understand that we are all one and we must live in harmony with everything, respecting other beings. So the message of both enclosed in the title of the exhibition is "Beyond" as a wish ... Because there is always hope that everything will improve. F.B.W.


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