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Mario Selloni (Marsel)

Marsel - Mario Selloni - antique dealers (Nuoro) acrylic 30x40 2010

Marsel - Mario Selloni - antique dealers (Nuoro) acrylic 30x40 2010 - WOODNS

Mario   Selloni was born in Nuoro center of Barbagia best known as a boy he had a great passion for lapittura and sculpture. His artistic career is dictated by love for nature, for his native land, the traditions and the people who surrounded him as a child, this is a major cause of inspiration for his work depicting landscapes through campaigns barren, glimpses of old houses and figures of everyday life for a time giving the feeling of living romantic visions and emotions into a world of poetry. These are the issues that it prefers, but allostesso time he likes to experience new sensations, experiencing genres and painting techniques
  It is now retired and has plenty of time to devote to art parallel with greater continuity, which considers the sculpture. Find it in a special enthusiasm when trying to make small blocks of limestone or similar materials in strange figures almost surreal but also through the painstaking research of logs and roots in which sees shapes and figures that processes with special care and attention, transforming them into valuable works of art.

Flamingo, height 110 cm - wood 2009

Flamingo, height 110 cm - wood 2009 - WOODNS

There is not anything that art can not express.
(Oscar Wilde)

The jump , acrylic 50x70 (2010)

The jump  , acrylic 50x70 (2010) - WOODNS


No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If they did, they would cease to be an artist.
(Oscar Wilde)

Spring St. Saturnino_30x50 oil 2009

Spring St. Saturnino_30x50 oil 2009 - WOODNS



Each portrait is painted with passion The portrait of the artist, and not the model.
(Oscar Wilde)






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