Danijel Babic

Danijel Babic ,The art DJ

Danijel Babic ,The art DJ - WOODNS



Born 1967 in Očauš (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
He attended the Secondary School for Graphic Design “Bogdan Šuput” in Novi Sad.
He graduated from the College of Applied and Fine Arts in Belgrade and the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad (Art of painting department - 1995).
He participated in many various collective exhibitions in Sebia and abroad.
He received a special prize for artistic painting at the 6th International Biennial Exhibition of Miniature Arts in Gornji Milanovac in 2000.
Acknowledgement of internet magazine for contemporary art www.artmagazin.info for efficient presentation in  the year 2003.


Silver Surfer over Novi Sad - 1998, 60x80 cm, acrylic on canvas

Silver Surfer over Novi Sad - 1998, 60x80 cm, acrylic on canvas - WOODNS


In his art he successfully combines traditional painting with the manifestations of modern subculture such as comics, grafitti, video games, erotic magazines and advertisements, to express his point of view about the modern civilization we are living in.

Andrej Tišma, newspaper “Dnevnik” – Novi Sad, 13th of January 2001


Cow from Lascaux (version II) 70x100 cm, acrylic and spray on canvas

Cow from Lascaux (version II) 70x100 cm, acrylic and spray on canvas - WOODNS


Using the strategy of a postmodern artist, Danijel Babić is one of those painters who, making use of the entire artistic heritage and surfing through time, affirms the absolute transitoriness as the only reliable category of existence.

Nebojša Milenković, exhibition at the gallery of the Cultural Centre – Inđija, September 2003

Via Francisco de Goya (La Maja Vestida) 2009, 45x100 cm, acryl on canvas

Via Francisco de Goya (La Maja Vestida) 2009, 45x100 cm, acryl on canvas - WOODNS


 Comic strip stylization often transforms into caricatured grotesque, which is the ideal instrument for a young artist to express the problems of modern living, especially of his generation.

Andrej Tišma, newspaper “Dnevnik” – Novi Sad, 19th of March 1999


Manson`s girl 1997, 70x50 cm, acrylic on canvas

Manson`s girl 1997, 70x50 cm, acrylic on canvas - WOODNS





Solo exhibitions:




1995 - Šid, galerija ”Sava Šumanović”
1999 - Novi Sad, galerija “SULUV-a”
2001 - Novi Sad, Muzej Savremene Umetnosti
2001 - Negotin, galerija Doma Kulture
2002 - Sombor, kulturni centar “Laza Kostić”
2003 - Bečej, galerija “Krug”
            Novi Sad , galerija “Podrum”- Apolo centar
            Indjija , galerija Kulturnog centra
2004 - Apatin, galerija “Meander”
            Budapest , galerija “Katakomba”
            Strasbourg (Francuska) , atelje CEAAC
2005 - Stara Pazova, galerija centra za kulturu
            Kraljevo , galerija udruženja likovnih umetnika “V.Maržik”
            Novi Sad , galerija SKC Novi Sad - “Bunker”
2006 - Vršac, Galerija Kulturnog Centra
            Novi Sad , Galerija Kulturnog Centra Novi Sad
2007 - Beograd , Rimski bunar (Noć muzeja)
        Berlin , galerija “Prima Centar”
2008 - Sombor, velika sala Doma omladine
            Kula, Likovna galerija Kulturnog Centra
2009 - Novi Sad, Galerija Ogranka SANU u Novom Sadu, Platoneum                                  
        (+Dragan Jankov i Tadija Janičić)
2010 - Temerin, KIC “Lukijan Mušicki”
2011 – Vranje, Galerija Narodnog Univerziteta
            Novi Sad, Likovni salon KCNS: ”Re-Creation”
2012 -- Indjija, Galerija Kuće Vojnovića


so far made 52 solo exhibitions




Web : www.danijelbabic.com


e-mail : danijelbabich@yahoo.com


gsm :    ++ 381 64 26 36 321




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