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Emilio Romero, Tribute to femininity

Emilio Romero, Tribute to femininity - WOODNS


Emilio Romero  Rodriguez  painter Sevillianter born in Guillena in 1960.
It is a contemporary Realist artist clearly influenced by the Seville School.

His work is varied and technique.
His compositions are a mixture of dreamy realities, magical and mysterious worlds. Stressing the seduction of women in their nude young and beautiful women always with a halo of romance.

Pink Nude, oil on canvas.

Pink Nude, oil on canvas. - WOODNS


There are many fairs and exhibitions in national and international galleries: Sevilla, Córdoba, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, León, Soria, Tarragona, Castellón, Huesca, Monzon, Agrigento, Forli, Paris, Kiruna, Porto, Gothenburg, Brussels, Berlin, and so on.
Of their awards and distinctions include that of his native town, where he received the Honor Award of the Municipality of Guillena in 2011.

In 1993 he founded  " La Escuela de Arte de Guillena "(Sevilla), is currently one of the most prestigious art academies in Spain and is visited by artists from around the world, with over 100 students in each course start.

Elisa "oil on canvas.

Elisa "oil on canvas. - WOODNS

ArtInternational. Germany.
AVE, Mexico


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"Diario de Sevilla" Living in Seville. November 17, 2007
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"Artelibro - Art and Freedom III" Ed Comunità, SL Zaragoza 2008.
"Artelibro - Art and Freedom IV" Ed Comunità, SL Zaragoza 2009.
"Diario de Sevilla" Art in honor of freedom. November 20, 2009.
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"Artsalud" 2009.
"Castellon in Art" 2010.
"Salon International des Arts 2 Contemporains Arts" Bruxelles 2010.
"Diario de Sevilla Information I International Meeting Exhibition of Art" The Station "
"Art and Freedom Artelibro-V" Ed Comunità, SL Zaragoza 2010.
"Meeting International Art Exhibition" City of Cordoba 2010.
"An art without borders, Diario de Sevilla Saturday April 16, 2011"


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