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The spatula and Switzerland

.. paintings that were manufactured during a single night ..

.. paintings that were manufactured during a single night .. - WOODNS

They spent about two years of study, including a postcard copied and another, between still life and flower pots. Paintings in oil and baked perfectly. Although the art market at that time was not of the most flourishing (as well as a market that is more or less perpetual crisis), Umberto still managed to sell a fair number of pictures. Then the turning point, the economic boom on the one hand and the new employment in neighboring Switzerland, where he initially worked as a waste collector or scavenger if you prefer, the town of Chiasso, doing this work for most of the year, while in season summer, as a swimming instructor, was assigned as a lifeguard at swimming pools. The new work, in winter and in spring and autumn, given the early morning hours only, allowed him to have some time to devote to art.
At that time the brush aside to devote himself with zeal to the spatula. In a sort of neo-impressionism, born of the masterpieces in relief with extreme care, cutting-edge optical illusion in the game and gain some perspective and remarkable. The highlight of the day were definitely the pictures in the snow. The use of white and predominantly monochrome color that put off her best talent, which hitherto expressed in his paintings the best, the ludo between light and shadow. The Swiss market was really booming and in that period the production of works became impressive paintings which were packed in a single night and still fresh were bought, finding place in the home, on the premises. banks, in every place where the presence of a painting beautifies, gives value to the same place and circumstance. Paintings that were bought and sold at prices more diverse. price he established according to the commitment and the subjective beauty of the work, but many times also took into account the possibility of the purchaser.
Considered "Friend of the art 'anyone with an interest in art, and in that time I never sold off his work, but to the less well-off was definitely meeting. Some canvases gave way to the figures really remarkable and many times these were then sold by the owners to figures even more interesting. Switzerland became his second home, he had an admiration for the people so civil, respectful, and above all a lover of art and artists. I loved the scenery, the small villages full of peace and tranquility, taverns and unblemished sincerity of those who attended, the simplicity and the curiosity of the people who surrounded him while he painted many times. A country that he loved seriously, so different from the chaotic and insensitive Italy. Expressed their wish to go and live there and stay there forever. And this idea remained indelible in him, even when he abandoned the use Swiss.

Woodns, lifeguard swimming pools in Chiasso, in the 60s.

Woodns, lifeguard swimming pools in Chiasso, in the 60s. - WOODNS

Woodns, in one of the first color photographs of the time.

Shrubs and mountains.

Shrubs and mountains. - WOODNS

Oil on masonite, OVALINO (Private Collection F.&M.B.W)

An image of the Canton of Ticino, so dear to him.

An image of the Canton of Ticino, so dear to him. - WOODNS

Piazza Dante - Lugano
Watercolor on cotton paper, 56x76 cm

One of his spatula.

One of his spatula. - WOODNS

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Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..."

Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..." - WOODNS

Event not to be missed! Nadia Turella and Giovanna Sacchetti, two contemporary artists whose works are inspired by various themes imbued with present are on display. Arguments and questions, of a moral and current nature that although they do not want, concern us and touch us closely in this time and in our journey. Nadia, guides us and leads us with the significant and beautiful works, through antithetical worlds. Lands in which elements like, friendship and bullying, the right to childhood and violence against women and children, the discriminating color of the skin and the beauty of the colors of mother nature and its respect are contrasted. Giovanna with her enchanting works accompanies us and guides us in her enchanted world, made up of trees and figures, defined by her as "angelic" that speak of emotions, loneliness, anger and protest against all forms of violence. His figurative missive urges us to understand that we are all one and we must live in harmony with everything, respecting other beings. So the message of both enclosed in the title of the exhibition is "Beyond" as a wish ... Because there is always hope that everything will improve. F.B.W.


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