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The mystery of the abstract

the most amazing thing ... is that 9 ...

the most amazing thing ... is that 9 ... - WOODNS

The day was still warm in October 2007, Woodns was sketching a picture in his box-office with the door open. Unbeknownst to her, a mobile phone, the took some photographs. When he saw, he ceased to work and listen to him who was watching him. From those shots give birth to a sequence, we can show and comment here. A section which, as the title suggests, leaves room for some unexplainable events on which it is worth meditating. From the outset, this series of frames was rediscovered by accident a few months after his death, making a shiver down my spine to observers. Heartbeat was found that increased when the finished work.
But now analyze sequence. In the first image you can see the artist who sketched a great eye, drawing three vertical lines central, outside the main subject is at the bottom and at the top, as if to divide the space into two distinct areas. A first and a second half to the left to the right, where some elements are repeated almost symmetrically, while others are part of him in their areas. This can be seen better in the second photo, which offers a broader vision: the artist here are entering numbers into two elements surpassed the right. In the next back to work on the left, it is important to note here the printed lines on the sweater. And now we look closely at the box that gave rise to our speculation. Woodns, having noticed the presence of someone, is going to turn around, and the camera captures him in this pose emblematic, where it seems inscribed perfectly on the right side of the eye, while the lines of the pullover give continuity to the sections of the painting.
Also note that the charcoal in his left hand seems to have a linear extension that goes to indicate a precise point in the drawing. But what is most amazing is that 9 is observed within a diamond. Because it has the resounding? Simply because the 9 is linked to the day of his disappearance.
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Second image: The artist is entering numbers

Second image: The artist is entering numbers - WOODNS

Third image: it is important to note the printed lines on the sweater

Third image: it is important to note the printed lines on the sweater - WOODNS

Fourth picture: It seems perfectly inscribed in the right eye

Fourth picture: It seems perfectly inscribed in the right eye - WOODNS

Nine is linked to the day of his disappearance

Nine is linked to the day of his disappearance - WOODNS

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Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..."

Terracina, 10-17 agosto 2019 , "Oltre..." - WOODNS

Event not to be missed! Nadia Turella and Giovanna Sacchetti, two contemporary artists whose works are inspired by various themes imbued with present are on display. Arguments and questions, of a moral and current nature that although they do not want, concern us and touch us closely in this time and in our journey. Nadia, guides us and leads us with the significant and beautiful works, through antithetical worlds. Lands in which elements like, friendship and bullying, the right to childhood and violence against women and children, the discriminating color of the skin and the beauty of the colors of mother nature and its respect are contrasted. Giovanna with her enchanting works accompanies us and guides us in her enchanted world, made up of trees and figures, defined by her as "angelic" that speak of emotions, loneliness, anger and protest against all forms of violence. His figurative missive urges us to understand that we are all one and we must live in harmony with everything, respecting other beings. So the message of both enclosed in the title of the exhibition is "Beyond" as a wish ... Because there is always hope that everything will improve. F.B.W.


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