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The mystery third part

The last bet

The last bet - WOODNS

But now  l et us consider The most interesting and impressive picture. And that is that small cylinder that is veiled in blue pictured above, right after the gate, and containing a mysterious figure that appears to a superficial observation. But after a careful observation, however, we realize that it is simply numbers, namely a monogram of digits. The most obvious sign that appears, is still nine. Stands out because it represented in red, the second and third digits are hidden, it is the four and two (for convenience we have shown in the pictures below, with different colors). The amazing thing is that these three numbers coincide exactly with the date of death. And that is the ninth through the day, with the fourth month (April) and the second with the time of death. Fatality or premonition? Taking into account the latter case, Woodns was perhaps able to predict with absolute precision the time of his departure?
And if so, what this was intentional or just due to the product of his unconscious? We'll never know.  

The only thing that is certain is that, unfortunately, failed to win his last bet.

The day

The day - WOODNS


The month

The month - WOODNS


The hour

The hour - WOODNS




Dedicated to my father, Fabio Boscolo Woodns.




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