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Group photo - WOODNS

The commentary in this episode focuses on an object of worship now, a representation, which gradually became an icon of our time, namely the "group photo". This subject is taken as a cue from the master, and is represented in a small, beautiful miniature. Who among us has never paid "nolens volens" to this kind of ritual? Sooner or later, during our life we have granted or will grant us this custom. And the opportunities that make it possible that this event happens, are innumerable. To name a few, just think of such ceremonies, christenings, communions, weddings, etc.. Or photos of belonging to a team that can be linked not only a sport, but also to a "team" work, etc.. The classical picture school earlier this year, contrary to its purpose, to achieve dell'agognato and sweaty, result. The fact that his picture taken together that occurs even at high levels, official conditions such as in a summit meeting between leaders and state representatives, etc.. We can stop here, since the examples are very numerous and we can therefore say that this kind of photos entered for some time, become part of global folklore. In the painting, we find precisely the characters share, which lend themselves to pose together. In the framework can be seen immediately. That some figures are very clear, and this happens for those in the foreground, while the human forms in the suburbs tend to fade more and more, until it takes a very dark color and shaped in the back. This is to mean something? We must first of all from the irregular shape of the box. Notice how the top line of the rectangle is curved. Commissioned by the artist to represent the arc of time and its curvature, which plays precisely on the image and its observation. Vision that is far from the shooting stopped since. So far as memory, the memory of that moment, then stopped and the role played by the characters of the scene. They fit well, reminiscences, where in fact the figures in the clear there are still clear and unaltered, lives in our minds, other discolored, where the memory becomes vague and some are in shadow, do not remind people of whom nothing more. It should be noted, therefore, in this work, the law of proportional time. Dynamism conferred by that black moves inexorably from the outside, projecting slow motion toward the center and covering everything in its fold. In conclusion, we can deduce that every picture of this type, although the representation it is static, in reality it is not. Indeed it is the opposite, namely dynamic, with constant movement. Just try to observe one of these pictures after a decade, and then maybe after thirty, to notice this amazing typicality. A sign that inevitably leads us to perceive the importance and weight that some people have had in our lives, while others touched as though, were completely anonymous and our eyes almost totally indifferent.


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