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The couple is the death of player

The couple is the death of player - WOODNS

Everything starts with the symbolic phrase that gives the title to this work. Here we must refer to empiricism staff Woodns, just his experience as a player. The artist here as scomettitore, saw the couple a very difficult game: bet which involves predicting the horses that come to the first and second place in the race. A game very profitable but fraught with uncertainty. So it inadvisable to himself, of course, with the phrase "the combination is the death of a player." For this reason, relying on his vast experience, he preferred to focus on winning or placed, considerendo these hazards as anchors salvezza.Viene still here represented the body of a horse with his legs in the air as a sign of surrender, and the head of the 'equine replacing the head of the player bloodless.

The couple is the death of player- 1977 - Oil on gingerbread 14.6 x12, 2 cm(Private Collection - F. & M. B. W.)

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