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Fabio & Maria Boscolo Woodns
Adresse: Via Mantica 11 - 22070
Lieu: Vertemate con Minoprio
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A) The scope of processing of your personal data is:
i) collection, storage and processing of your data for the management of our contractual relationship and for related information concerning the services rendered;
ii) collection and storage of your data to provide the same, if required, to any judiciary authority;
iii) registration of the domain name, in relation to the type chosen, to the competent international authorities;
iv) processing of your data to give you a service fitting the indications that you have provided.
B) Previous your express consent and until your revocations: sending of commercial information from Sitonline S.r.l.
You are not obliged to give us your personal data, but in case of your refusal of the processing of your data as set out in section 1A), it will be impossible to complete your registration with our web site and the provision of our services.
The refusal of consent to process your data as set out in section 1B) is optional, therefore there will be no consequences.

Your personal data will be collected on electronic database owned by Sitonline S.r.l., with registered office in Milan, via Boschetti 6, 20121, Italy, that is the processing party.
The processing will be both manual and with the help of computer devices, in accordance with article 4, paragraph 1a), of the Italian legislative decree n. 196 of 2003 and will be made for the scope indicated above.

To provide the services, your personal data can be communicated to:
- personnel, professionals, consultants and others providing assistance, consultancy and collaboration services to Sitonline, including holding and sister companies;
- public administrations for institutional reasons;
- persons responsible for the performance of activities contemplated by the services or e-commerce.
The personal data are not subject to dissemination, except the case of compulsory listing in database of Registration Authorities that are accessible to the public via Internet.
For the same purposes explained before, personal data can be transferred to countries belonging to the EU.

At any time you have the right to exercise the rights granted by article 7 of the Italian legislative decree n. 196 of 2003, by writing to Sitonline S.r.l., with registered office in Milan, Via Boschetti 6, 20121, Italy.
Article 7 of the aforesaid legislative decree n. 196 of 2003 recites:
- The user has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence of his personal data, even if they aren't registered yet.
- The user has the right to obtain the indication of:
a. the origin of the personal data
b. the purpose and the conditions of the processing
c. the logic applied in case of processing performed with the help of electronic instruments
d. the data of the processing party, of the processors and other designated representatives according to article 5
e. the people to whom personal data can be communicated as processors or other designated representatives in the country.
- The user has the right to obtain:
a. the updating or if required the integration of data
b. the deletion, the transformation in an anonymous form of the data processed in violation of law
c. the attestation that the information of sections a. and b. above are known to people to whom the data have been communicated, but not in the case that this fulfillment is impossible or requires an effort that is not proportioned to the right protected.
- The user has the right to oppose:
a. for lawful rights to the processing of his personal data
b. to the processing of his personal data for sending advertising material or direct selling or for the fulfillment of market researches and for commercial communications.

The processing has a duration that shall not be longer than the time required to fulfill the purposes for which the data has been collected in compliance with applicable provisions of law.
This privacy policy can be modified at any time. Such change will become effective after 15 days from the date of its publication on our site.

Having read this privacy policy, I give my personal data to Sitonline S.r.l. according to the Italian legislative decree n. 196 of 2003 and I also consent to the processing of my data for the purposes set out in section 1.B).

Jutta Brandt-Stracke

Jutta Brandt-Stracke - WOODNS

Rémi GRANIER : Exposition à la Tour Rose

Rémi GRANIER : Exposition à la Tour Rose - WOODNS

Rendez-vous le vendredi 4 mars 2016 à 17h30 -19h00 pour en parler à l'occasion du vernissage de mon exposition à la Tour Rose, 22 rue du Boeuf Lyon5eme. Rémi GRANIER

New Entry , Marianna Mordocco

New Entry , Marianna Mordocco - WOODNS

Marianna Mordocco, Le immortel et indiscrète charme portrait.

Maurizio Caggiano "MAO"

Maurizio Caggiano "MAO" - WOODNS

Parmi les différentes formes d'art, il ya une très ancienne et noble. Nous parlons de boxe ...


Bienvenue, ce site a rejoint le projet Zero Impact Web Bien qu'il ait déjà fait beaucoup pour réduire les émissions de CO2, pollue aussi l'internet. Selon un rapport de Greenpeace, le taux de croissance d'aujourd'hui, en 2020, les centres de données et réseaux de télécommunications consommeront environ 2.000 milliards de kilowatts-heures d'électricité, soit plus que le triple de leur consommation actuelle. C'est pourquoi le site www.woodns.it décidé de rejoindre Zero Impact Web et faire sa part pour lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète. Les émissions provenant de vos visites seront compensées par la création et la protection de la croissance des forêts. C'est une petite action qui, si elle est faite par de nombreuses aides pour sensibiliser et faire du bien à l'environnement. Et le meilleur de tous vous permet de naviguer entre ces pages en toute confiance! Vous devez également adhérer à cette initiative, ensemble, nous pouvons faire une différence! Les émissions de ce site sont compensées par la création et la protection des forêts au Costa Rica